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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hello one and all. Danielle here. I'm still sitting in a messy office. It's a bit more put together this week. Curtains are hung, painting is pretty much completed. There are few spots that need to be touched up. Some furniture that needs to be moved around...small piddly stuff. You know that stuff that winds up taking a couple of years to complete....I hope not!

As far as last week went with my diet/exercise - I would say I should get a B. It was Valentine's and I didn't over indulge on candy. In fact I hardly ate any. The destruction that was candy wrappers that I later found in the trashcan wasn't from me this time. That makes me proud to say! Though sometimes,  I don't think that I am eating enough. I decided that I would stop logging my food but I would still log my exercise. That means that I don't know how close to goals I am. I have been mentally trying to keep track. I'm 97% sure that I am eating enough protein. I have been drinking my water (maybe not as much as I should). Taking my vitamins, eating fruits and veggies and trying to stay away from "bad carbs". And I am so happy to say that I now have a work out buddy. That is really going to help me. Knowing that I am accountable to someone else, is good. We are planning on working out together Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. I'm bummed that I didn't make it to the gym last night. I wasn't feeling very good and decided that it made more sense to stay home. I plan on trying to go tonight, though.

As far as new recipes go...I'm slackin' on the cooking thing. I just don't really the drive or desire to cook right now. Though I am trying new things! I tried some spicy udon noddles with shrimp at this really yummy Japanese restaurant that we found. My husband also decided to buy some ground buffalo (all natural fed, no hormone or antibiotics used). He paid $10 for a pound (YIKES!). He cooked that up and we had tacos...they were pretty stinkin' tasty. That was the first time that I had meat in almost a year. I really didn't have any issues with eating it. I did though have to do some thorough research about the company before I even considered eating any.

About my riding...my butt hasn't been on a bike seat in a while :( If I don't make it to the gym tonight (I do have a meeting) then I am going for a ride. The rain has finally seemed to slack off. But I think it will be back by Thursday, so I need to take advantage and now!

My challenge for the week:
Spend 20 minutes a day on my yoga mat working on my gluts/legs/abs. (I did it last night for 20mins)

What are you going to challenge yourself with? It doesn't matter where you start, you just need to start somewhere. Making small changes here and there...choosing whole wheat instead of white. Choosing water over a soda. Choosing a side salad instead of fries. Remember that you ARE worth it and that you CAN do it!

P.S. I ordered my swimsuit!! I'm so excited and nervous. I'm afraid that it won't fit...I'm afraid that it will be too tight and that I will look like a stuffed sausage. And this is the one that I picked... monokini It is on back order, so I'm not too sure when I will get it. Estimated around mid March. I can't wait to see how it fits :D