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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What a day!

Oh wow, today has just been an accumulation of suck! One very blah and drained Danielle here. You would think that the day after "Love" day that things would be normal at the least. Well today has totally kicked my butt.

First of all my daughter decided to play hide and seek, hardcore style. Like it didn't matter that mommy was running through the house crying, begging, and pleading for her to please come here. Like the lady that was hysterically running around looking in every nook and cranny is what mommy is supposed to look like. I'm just thankful that my husband showed up quickly. It took him 3 minutes to get home, it normally takes closer to 10...you know, if you hit a red light or 2. I don't know how he got home so quickly, I'm just glad that he made it here safely. I'm thankful that Ben found her before I was finished with the police officer on the phone. They were making their way to our home. It's pretty evident, she won this round...but I now know to look under the desk chair and by the toy boxes. I truly hope that she doesn't decide to do this again. I would think that the fact that both mommy and daddy were bawling their eyes out would help her to understand that it wasn't a joke or a game.  I was a freaking wreck. It was scary.

And the most recent incident involves my daughter again....she decided to have a peaceful slumber in my bed. And then she puked all over it. -Sigh!-

Seriously, this tiny little sassy girl is just doing my head in. She can be such a sweet girl, so loving and so sweet and then there are moments like this:

Fade in- I'm standing in the kitchen by the sink. In she walks
Her- "Mommy, I'm thirsty. Sippy please?!"
Me- "OK, let's get a drink. What do you want?"
Her- "Ummmm.......Ummmmm.....JUICE!!"
Me- "Ok <insert an endearing term here>. Here you go."
Her- "Thank you!"
Me- "You are welcome."
Her- "I'M COLD!!!"
Me- I  wrap her blanket around her.
Her- "Thank you mommy, I'm so warm now."
Me- "You are very welcome. I love when you are so sweet and you use your manners."
Her- "Hiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssssssssssssss!!"

Yes, she hissed at me...she hissed at me a few more times and then walked away with her sippy and blanket in-tow. Oi vey

Alright so now to the "good" stuff! As far as diet. I sorta hopped back on that wagon, but I'm kinda draggin. I'm really trying to watch what I eat. But I'm sorta at that point where I am in maintain mode. I guess I am seeing what I can eat and how little exercise I can do before I start to see a big difference on the scale. And no...I am NOT giving up. I still have my goals and my plans and I still want to accomplish them. The weather has not been cooperating at all when it comes to riding. It's been raining off and on for a quite a few days now. I'm really starting to wish that it would stop all ready. Or at least give me a few days to get a couple good rides in.

The office is coming along nicely. There are still a few things that have to be done. The baseboards have to be sanded and painted. Some touching up here and there. I need to finish the art work. I need to sand and repaint all the picture frames. I need to finally decide on the color that I want them to be. I need to find fabric and then upholster my chair. I also need to sand and paint it. So, yeah....just a few things. ;)

It's been a bit difficult trying to figure out how many calories I have burned lately...I really would like to have a heart rate monitor. I will add that to my want list... There hasn't been any gym time for like a week and a half, if not more (bad me....bad me!). But I have been busy at home. Sanding and painting is a good arm work-out. I am planning on heading to the gym tonight...I hope. As of just a few minutes ago my daughter has then thrown up again, the couch was the lucky piece of furniture this time though. *facepalm*

If I don't make it to the gym...then I'm going for a ride come rain or clear sky. Alright, I have a few things to go and take care of. I need to remember that I CAN do it and that I am WORTH it...you remember that as well! Arrivederci.