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Friday, November 18, 2011

Nothing Can Bring Me Down!

Danielle here, wishing you all a great day! I hope you are bundled up. It's actually a bit chilly out! Goodness I love weather like this. I need to be somewhere that actually has a winter. Living in Texas it seems to be hot and then we have a few cold fronts through out fall and winter and then it's back to the sweltering heat...blah!

What did you have for breakfast today? I had the usual...yup, you got it. More oatmeal with blueberries and Greek yogurt. But today I mixed it up....ooooooh aaaaaah! I added in 1/4 of a scoop of protein. And just that small amount added 7gm of protein to my breakfast. Good deal!! It gave it a nice flavor as well. 

Yesterday just seemed to be an off day for me. I felt lazy and just not quite up to par. I'm not sure what was up with that. I also, was busy online and taking care of my oldest son (who is now covered from head to toe in the weird rash...poor guy! He has a doctor appointment today so we can get to the bottom of it.) Being extra busy means that I don't have any pictures to share with you today. But I do have a new addiction to tell you about. If you live around Cypress, TX there is a group on facebook "Beg, Borrow, Buy, and Sell in Cypress" - there is one for Children's stuff and then another for everything else. I was busy yesterday going around the house and picking through the stuff that I need to purge, taking pictures of it and posting it to the group. Hey, I might be able to make a few bucks to add to the Christmas fund :D. If you are looking for anything, check it out. And if you aren't from Cypress, see if there is a group for your area. Or maybe you should be the one to start it. :)

Lunch was left over Baked Veggie Alfredo and a salad...yum yum yummy! And some how I made it through the day without having a snack...I don't know how that happened, I love eating. I guess I spent too much time in my chair cruising the internet. During lunch my good friend called and we discussed what we are going to do for Thanksgiving and what time we are going to eat and what I am going to eat. This is my first holiday season that I will not be eating meat. I think this might be a bit of a challenge. I LOVE turkey and all the fixings. I look forward to that meal all year long. So I know that I will have to dig deep and use my self control. I have it all planned out. I want to get a yummy fresh caught fish fillet and take it over to her house and cook it up. I will also be taking a big salad, a fruit salad and maybe a desert. A bottle of wine is also a must have. 

Before I knew it the hubster was home...and there I was still in my chair getting frustrated with facebook, most of the ads that I was trying to post didn't work right. I was having so many issues trying to load a picture...it was super frustrating. He asked what I wanted for dinner and I honestly don't remember answering him, (sorry babe). We had frozen pizza and a big salad. And even after that was calculated up in my food diary, I still had almost 500 calories left and I hadn't worked out. So I decided that yesterday was just a blah day all around and that I was going to have some chocolate and then not work out. It was nice! Even after the chocolate and some nuts I was still under...I also didn't get any where near enough protein. That doesn't make me happy. That is why I decided to add the protein to my breakfast today.

After my daughter was down for the night and my boys had finished their popsicles and got ready for bed, my husband had to run to the store to get some more children's allergy medicine (hoping it would help my son with his rash - it didn't). I decided to go take a nice long hot shower and relax. I hopped on the scale while the water was getting hot and I couldn't believe what it said. I stepped back off, let it zero out and turn off and then I stepped back on. Low and behold, it was the same - 155.6 - WHAT THE WHAT!?!?!  Shut the front door!! That means that I am only 1.6lbs away from being at my pre-baby weight. I am still shocked about that. Like I stated in my first blog...I never have stuck with anything before...until now. I am elated and a bit in denial. It's like it's all a dream and I am going to wake up and the old me will be looking back at me in the mirror. I guess if that ever happened, then I would start the whole process over! It would be more than worth it. Once I reach 154, I will then decide if I want to start maintenance or if I want to lose another 5-10lbs. I may be making that decision next week or in a few days...who knows!! :D

Until next time, drink a glass of water and move your body today. And then strive to do it again tomorrow. Remember that you Are worth it and that you CAN do it. :) I'm off to go peruse the new listings on Beg, Borrow, Buy, and Sell...have a fantastic Friday!!

Stats for yesterday: calories- 1033 / carbs- 109 / fat- 52 / protein- 31 / sodium- 1288 / water- 48oz
I am not too happy with my protein and my water intake - striving to do much better today!!

P.S. - My bicycle is finally at the store and it can be picked up today...I am so excited!!!! YAY! :D I haven't been this excited about anything since I got my Sony Alpha 390a.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

I Jinxed It...

Hello and a very happy day to you. Danielle here :) Yesterday was uneventful. Once again the normal stuff for a mom. I won't bore you with all the glorious details. Breakfast was the same as the day before and the one before that. I'm sure that by the end of the week that I will be extra bored with my blueberry and cream oatmeal. I guess I need to think of something different for tomorrow...Any thoughts or ideas? Let me hear them :)

A little before lunch time I got a message from the hubster. He wanted me to put eggs on to boil so that he could make tuna when he got here. I was in the middle of previewing and editing yesterday's blog when I got the message. Once I was done and had hit the publish button, I went to the kitchen, grabbed the eggs out and put them into their hot tub and then I just started making the tuna. Sometimes I make lunch too ;) Once he got here he was all shocked and asked me what I wanted...hahaha. OK, OK so on rare occasion I make lunch...He finished it up once the eggs were hard boiled. Quoting one of the most awesome-est shows- "What's gonna work? TEAM WORK!! What's gonna work? TEAM WORK!!" I have watched a lot of kids shows in my time, can you tell? :) (extra points if you know the show...and btw, points don't matter)

calories- 263 / fat- 10 / protein- 56

Once we were done eating, we had some time before he had to be back at work. So we did what any hot married couple does with their extra time.....Oh yeah, you got it - we played some PS3. Modern Warfare 3 to be exact ;) We were trying to beat our previous score on a map in Survival Mode (we did, by the way *self high five*) Then it was time for him to head back work and for me to do some more motherly things and think about what to make for dinner. 

I decided to do my Baked Veggie Alfredo. I came up with the idea after going Pescatarian. We used to have Chicken Alfredo a lot, but since we are chicken free at home, I switched it out for a rainbow of veggies. This is what I do- saute some diced white onion and garlic in evoo. Then add in some chopped; carrots, yellow squash, zucchini, and frozen broccoli. I let that cook down but make sure it still has some crunch to it. I HATE mushy squash and zucchini. I then season the veggies and add in a jar of  Alfredo sauce and let it simmer as the whole wheat pasta boils. I then layer sauce/pasta/sauce until it's all gone in a baking dish then finish it with a sprinkle of mozzarella on top. Then I cover it with foil and bake it in the oven on 350 for 15-20mins. I just want it to be all heated through, you can remove the foil and brown the top if you want. It's a big hit with the whole family and it's pretty darn tasty if I may say so. Serve it with a big salad, of course.

calories- 318 / fat- 15 / protein- 8

After dinner I changed and headed for the gym. I kept notes of my 
work out so that I could share it with you all :)
This is what I did:

25mins - Elliptical (HIIT)
30mins - Spent on weight machines
100reps / 130lbs Calf Presses
40reps / 40lbs Rear Delt
40reps / 60lbs Fly
100reps / 130lbs Leg Press
10mins - Core work/calisthenics 

time spent- 65mins / calories burned- 466

So, after a very unexciting day and a nice workout I got home and was informed that my oldest son had some weird sort of rash that was very itchy. I don't know when it appeared or how long he has had it. But it isn't pretty. And it likes to move from place to place on his body. We covered him in Aquaphor and gave him some allergy meds. It goes away and then comes back. I'm not sure what is going on with that. If it doesn't get better soon we will take him to his pediatrician. I do know that he enjoying his vacation from school. He has been watching cartoons and is now playing the Wii. His little brother asked if he could stay home from school to help take care of him...He is too cute. But I'm pretty sure that the main reason he wanted to stay home was to do the exact same things that his brother is enjoying, minus the itchy spots. :) 

Stats for yesterday: calories- 1411 / carbs- 118g / fat- 74g / protein- 90g / sodium- 1698mg / water- 72oz

Until next time, remember that you ARE worth it and  that you CAN do it!! And now I have been asked to do a Push-up Challenge with Bonnie. Rules are: 1 minute - max reps...Join in and try to beat our scores. I will post them once they are done. (Side Note - I haven't tried to do an actual push-up in a very long time...so this will be fun!)

Danielle- 30 [Modified or Girly Form, whichever you prefer ;) ]
Bonnie- 23 [I believe they were the standard ones]

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Flash Back

Good day to you all, Danielle here. I figured that since nothing really exciting happened yesterday (not that it ever really does *knock on wood*) that I would quickly give you a run down on what I ate and how I moved and then tell you about how I got this whole lifestyle change started. 

Yesterday, I had the same breakfast as on Tuesday (oatmeal, with blueberries and Greek yogurt). For lunch I had left over spinach and cheese enchiladas (they tasted even yummier the day after). For dinner I had cheese ravioli and a big salad. I didn't make it to the gym, so instead I lifted weights and used my exercise ball again. Then after the kiddos were all tucked in bed and fast asleep, the hubster and I went for a walk. We talked and laughed and just had a great time spending time together.

time spent- 35mins / calories burned- 336

Stats for yesterday: calories- 1410 / carbs- 158 / fat- 60 / protein- 47 / sodium- 1777 / water- 72oz

Que the wavy lines ~ ~ ~ Flash Back session in progress - I don't really remember when the exact ah ha moment was and when I realized that I was fed up with how I felt about my body and how the lack of energy was effecting my life and my overall attitude. But I do know that not too long before my oldest son's birthday (end of April 2011) that I watched "Food Inc." and I was disgusted. I decided to do some other research and then...that was the end of that part of my unhealthy life and it was the beginning of my Pescatarian life.

The big corporations are more worried about making the big bucks then they are about the crap that is being sold as "meat". I decided that afternoon that I would not eat; chicken, beef or pork again - and I have not. I can't stomach the thought of putting meat that is full of growth hormones and that it has to have an ammonia bath, into my body. The fact that a chick hatches and then 46 days later is slaughtered and packaged to be sold...doesn't sit well with me. The things are so pumped full of growth hormones that they literally can't move. They can hardly breathe. Thanks to the hormones their bodies are growing faster than their organs. You may wonder what they do all day....well, it's not pleasant. They lay around in their own feces waiting until the day they are slaughtered and then served up. Mmmm - makes me want some Chicken Nuggets. NOT!  

(**It has been brought to my attention that it's illegal to use hormones in farming chickens. And so I say, do some research for yourself, and maybe even watch Food Inc. and then make a decision**)

Eating better became a huge part of my daily routine. I try not to eat too much processed stuff  (I still do though...I'm not perfect). I also became much more aware of the calories in food (thank you so much myfitnesspal.com - I have such a great group of friends that help to motivate me!!). I had never really paid much attention to any of that stuff before. I honestly didn't care that much. I would just stuff my face until my stomach hurt and I felt bad and wished that I hadn't eaten that much...but then I would turn around and do it again at the next meal and the next. 

After I was eating better I decided that I had to get some exercise back into my routine as well. At first, I would do leg lifts while laying back in my recliner (no lie) and I would lift weights (3lbs) while sitting there watching a movie (I'm now using a 10lb weight at home and 20lb at the gym). I would get up and do 20 or so jumping jacks a few times through out the day. I also started to drink more water (now it's all I drink aside from a coffee once in awhile). And just in case you didn't know this, but the more water you drink...the more you have to pee...I know, I know - who would have thunk it ;)  I decided to make all those trips to restroom worth while. I started to do 10reps of different exercises every time I had to go (after I had finished, of course) and I would set a goal for the day and then or the week. I was also working out with my Wii Fit. A month or so passed and I was getting bored so I knew I needed something else. In June 2011 I got a gym membership and I have been using it pretty regularly. Recently I started running and now for Christmas I am getting a mountain bike. No clothes or shoes or purses or pretty baubles- I wanted a bike. I can't wait to get it and take it out for spin!! Oh, how things have changed :D

And so now here I am, almost 30lbs lighter, feeling so good about my body and I have more energy and confidence then I ever have. And sometimes when I see myself in the mirror or in a picture, I don't believe it's me. That's a pretty awesome feeling. I am in my 30's and I am in the best shape of my life, thus far. It's only going to get better. So now its your turn. Don't let another week, month or year go by. Find out what your body and your mind can really do. Set a goal and then do your very best to reach it. 
You ARE worth it and you CAN do it - I am proof!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Monday...You Again?

Good morning, D here. The weekend flew by and once again the school/work week started. I slept in a bit, I guess it's not a good idea to take a sleep aid at 1AM...*face-palm*. I was still out of bed before 8AM. I miss those long ago days of lounging around in my bed until I wanted to get up. 

After I rolled out of bed and took a shower I was once again on the prowl for food. I went to the kitchen and decided to have some regular (unflavored) oatmeal with the frozen blueberries I had gotten at the store. I then added 1tbsp of Greek God's Honey Blueberry Yogurt. I made a mistake and didn't get low-fat, so I will have to use self control when it comes to eating it. I also added a drizzle of local organic honey and just a sprinkle of brown sugar = YUM! I'm so happy that I figured out how to make my own blueberries and cream oatmeal, those are my favorite packets. And since there are only 2 per box...I was always sad when I had eaten them all and then I was stuck with eating the peaches and cream ... blegh!

calories- 201 / fat- 5 / protein- 5

Once breakfast was over I had to get up and get some cleaning and laundry done. It's amazing how dusty a house can get...And for some reason the hubster and I thought that a glass coffee table and 2 glass side tables were a good idea. I found myself once again scrubbing little finger and hand print schmears from off of them all, along with who knows what other kind of grime. I then tackled the mountain of laundry that once again was trying to take over. I despise laundry...it's the bane of my existence. 

By lunch time I was ravenous and ready to eat. After my husband got home we decided to have grilled cheese sandwiches (I had 1/2 of one), a cup of vegetarian vegetable soup, a baby dill pickle, and a big salad. It was a great lunch and it hit the spot. 

calories-313 / fat- 11 / protein- 11

I spent the afternoon catching up on some shows, playing with my daughter and switching laundry from the washer to the dryer. Today I have the pleasure of folding it all...yay :(  Then before I knew it, the boys were at the door and then homework duty started, after a snack and a chat. I decided that I would try my hand at making Spinach and Cheese Enchiladas for dinner. I found a recipe online and then winged it and used what stuff I had at home. I was very happy with how they turned out. They were a big hit (at least with my husband, my oldest and myself....the lil ones are just too picky still) and I look forward to having the left overs for lunch.

calories- 396 / fat- 19 / protein- 19

Through out the day I snacked on some dry roasted and lightly salted peanuts. The store was all out of cashews :( The peanuts will work in a pinch...but they just aren't as delicious. They are more grainy where cashews are just creamy yumminess. I miss my cashews!
calories- 160 / fat- 14 / protein- 7

I wasn't able to get to the gym yesterday...for some reason my legs felt extra tight and sore. I decided it was a good idea not to strain them and I gave them a small break. I did hop on my exercise ball for 20mins and did some core work as well as lifting weights. I then got back in my recliner where I did some leg lifts and some ball squeezes. I bought a cheap children's ball and use that. It's a great exercise for your inner thighs and butt. What I love about doing those types of work outs is that I work up a decent sweat and I am really using my muscles, plus I get to watch my favorite shows while doing it. :)

time spent- 20mins / calories burned- 260

Until next time; keep your chin up, see if you can make better food choices, and move your body. A better food choice could be as simple as buying whole wheat instead of white (pasta and bread). Also trade out one soda for a large iced water, or maybe take the stairs instead of the elevator. I hope you all have a great day! :)

My stats for yesterday: calories- 1345 / carbs- 143 / fat- 63 / protein- 46 / sodium- 2584 / water- 68oz 
Monday, November 14, 2011

It's Shocking...

Hello all, Danielle here. So as I look at the calender and see the date I can't believe it! Is anyone else in shock about the fact that it's already the middle of November? Thanksgiving is only a week away! I can't wrap my brain around it. It's like the days have zipped by while I was asleep. When I was a child the time eeked by ever so slowly and now that I'm a "grown up" it seems that the sand is slipping through the hour glass at an extreme rate of speed. I look at my babies and I wonder where they came from. I mean....me, a parent? How did this happen?? LOL - I look at my children and I see amazing little human beings with their own personalities and their own sense of humor. I am honored to be their mother and I am thankful that they were placed in my life. That being said, those lil humans can drive me crazy...lol. And it only makes me love and cherish them even more, if that is possible. :)

This weekend was quite enjoyable. Saturday I met up with Bonnie and we went to dinner. We always seem to go get sushi (mmmmm) and have a carafe of peach sake (drool). After we ate we grabbed an over priced coffee (yeah at that place that starts with a S and ends Bucks) and then we just talked for hours as we walked laps at the outdoor shopping mall. It's nice when we are able to get together, we live quite away apart so we don't get together all that often. I want to find a place where we can meet up and then go for a run. Bonnie has already ran a 5K and my goal was to run one very soon. I am working towards that goal, I really have to work on my stamina, I tire out very quickly. Side note: I had planned to take some pictures of us but then I completely forgot. Sorry about that.

Sunday was very nice as well. We woke up early and then the hubster and I played some MW3 and then got ready to go to church. I love my church family and the church that we attend. I am so very thankful that my life has led me to this place. After an awesome service at church we went and grabbed a quick lunch at the Taco Bell - I had my usual. A classic bean and cheese burrito and a cheesy nachos and lots of fire sauce...I love that stuff. Calories are a bit high and sodium is as well, but I stayed under my calories for the day. Sundays are normally my cheat days, but I didn't try to calculate the calories of the sushi, sake, and then yummy caramel coffee. I decided that Saturday would be the cheat day, instead. After lunch we went to a house warming party for an awesome family that attends our church. They had just bought their first home and were finished moving in and unpacking. I am so happy for them, can't wait for some "game dates". After the party we went grocery shopping as a family. We don't do that very often...trying to shop with 3 kiddos in tow can be a hassle. But they did great and I was so happy to restock the pantry and the fridge with yummy healthy foods. We ended the day having a nice quick dinner at home and watching our shows.

To say the least, after a weekend of not eating all that well and little to no real exercise I was quite shocked to see the number that popped up on the scale. It is the lowest number that I had seen in 11yrs - 156.6!! That means that I am only 2.6lbs away from reaching my pre-baby weight. YAY!! I am now really confident that I can make my goal by the end of the year. And once I do reach it I plan on rewarding myself with a shopping spree. It will be more out of necessity then anything else, as I now only have one pair of jeans that truly fit, and I just bought those. I can't wait, it will be so much fun to see how clothes fit my new body. 

I really need to get up and get at it. I have laundry and cleaning waiting on me, so until next time - don't ever give up on yourself. You are worth the effort! You can accomplish anything if you truly want it. I am proof of that. :)
Friday, November 11, 2011

11/11/11 - Veterans Day

Hiya, Danielle here. Firstly let me say a  huge -Thank You- to all the veterans that have fought for our country. Every minute that you spent away from your family, friends and loved ones pays the price for our freedom. Thank you for your bravery and for the desire to fight for a country that sometimes doesn't show much appreciation for you. I salute you all.

Yesterday started out with me being woken up by a little blond curly headed girl shouting at me to "GET OUT OF MY BED!" as she yanked the covers off of me "I WANT TO WATCH DORA!!". So I begrudgingly got out of bed and made it up, I'm not sure why I do this everyday as something or someone (most likely the same little blond curly headed girl) trashes the bed and litters the room with toys. I headed to the kitchen where my husband had my coffee waiting for me. It had 1 packet of Stevia and 1tbsp of Hazelnut creamer (the yummy liquid kind) in it, and it was delicious. It's a huge change from how I used to drink my coffee. I loved it extra sweet and very blond. I then looked in the pantry and the fridge trying to figure out what to put in my belly. I zeroed in on some creamy protein packed deliciousness- I had 3/4 of a cup of Greek non-fat vanilla yogurt with a sprinkle of Honey Bunches of Oats w/ Almonds.

calories- 153 / fat- 2 / protein- 15

Yesterday was just another day around the house...the normal stuff for a mom. Getting sippy cups and snacks, singing and dancing, changing diapers, rescuing the princess from the mighty mud and then from a giant sand storm (my daughter LOVES Diego and Dora...a lot!). I also had some cleaning to do, it seems like that never ends. And as I sit here typing away there are baskets of laundry that needs to be folded and a dish washer that needs to be unloaded. Blah, it can wait until later. I doubt that the laundry or the dishes will run away... A girl can dream though.

The day really did seem to fly by. I was shocked that my husband was home for lunch when it felt like he had just left for work. He walked in and asked what I wanted as he headed to the kitchen. Let me just take a second to give a great big huge shout out to husbands that come home from work and make their wives lunch - THANK YOU! I have an awesome spouse! He suggested a tuna wrap...I said "Heck yeah!". And then after his labor of love is finished he brought my happy plate to me and I devoured it (the food, not the plate). ;) 

calories- 204 / fat- 3 / protein- 3

Through out the day I snacked on cashews. OhMyGoodness!! Cashews are my most favorite nut in the world. You will see in the future that I snack on them often and I have zero guilt about it. Such yummy, salty, creamy and delicious goodness. I <3 cashews!
calories- 210 / fat- 24 / protein- 9

I got a late start on dinner, I kept thinking that I had plenty of time to get my tasty Vegetarian Black Bean soup on the stove. By the time I got to it, it was after 3PM...I swear that 2 hours flew by in about 4 mins. I'm not sure how it happened, but it did. It still turned out to be taste-tastic. We ate dinner a little bit later than normal, but it was no big deal. I served it over long grain brown rice, with a dollop of Simply Sour Cream and a sprinkle of sharp cheddar cheese on top.

calories- 343 / fat- 4 / protein- 17

After dinner and once homework is looked over the kiddos brush their teeth and are then tucked safely into bed. They of course have to have their bed time stories, prayers, and good night kisses, my husband joins me for a few minutes before he goes for his run. I was nestled in my chair, blanket tucked over my legs, all comfy in my yoga clothes (I changed after dinner). I sat there and enjoyed one of my Thursday night shows (The Vampire Diaries, The Big Bang Theory, and Bones). I only watched TVD and then I popped in my Yogalates DVD and I got ready for Louise Solomon to help me relax and get my stretch on. I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent on focusing on my breathing and stretching out my sore muscles. After I'm all relaxed I climbed back in my chair and finished my shows. 

time spent- 30mins / calories burned - 119

My husband and I spent the rest of the evening playing some MW3. He plays a lot more than I do...and you can tell ;) I have come to realize that I have about 2 decent games in me and then I am too tired to really pay attention. So while he played his heart out until like 2AM, I was sound asleep on the couch. 

Until next time, be positive, and smile at people when they walk past you. That might just brighten their day and they then return the favor and smile at someone else. :) And if by chance you run across a veteran while you are out and about, shake their hand and thank them for all that they did for us.  

My stats for yesterday:  calories- 1,210 / carbs- 137 / fat- 43 / protein- 43 / sodium- 455

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hi! I'm Bonnie!

OK so I'm 29, 5'6" and the mother of two incredible little men (5 and 10). Like Danielle, I really have never stuck to anything I set out to accomplish for myself. Something has always gotten in the way- kids, work, and laziness. Growing up we always ate healthy, my grandpa was a doctor so it was kind of mandatory. There really was never any junk food in the house, so that really has never been a big problem. My problem has always been physical fitness. I was not allowed to play sports growing up, and can honestly say I don’t remember my parents ever exercising, aside from riding a bike around the block a couple times. I have only recently experienced the healing effects physical activity can have on your body and soul. You can have someone tell you all about it, but you have to feel it to understand. 

As for my weight gain over the past few years, it began with being under weight and having an extremely poor diet. After battling with depression for who knows how long, I simply stopped eating. Sure, what I was eating wasn't all that bad, but the amount so was small that my metabolism all but shut down. So when I was finally feeling human and started eating again I also started packing on the pounds. At my heaviest I was about 185ish, and I felt like whale. I have tried several times to loss the weight over the past few years with success. I would get to a point where my weight loss stalled out and I would get discouraged and give up.

So the last time I started over on my weight loss was in June, and it’s just that, the last time. I will not be starting over again...ever. This time it is a lifelong commitment. Now don’t get me wrong, I have days when I don’t want get out of bed and all i want to eat is the bowl of Halloween candy (the whole bowl). But what is different this time is that I finally understand that I am going slip up every once in awhile, and that okay as long as I gather myself and get back on track. Currently I am 168 pounds, this is where I always tend to get stuck, so the next few months are really going to be a test of my determination.           

Sweet Potatoes and Yams - What's the Difference?

Hello, Danielle here. Yesterday a post of mine on Facebook about eating Greek non-fat yogurt some how morphed into a conversation about sweet potatoes. I'm not sure how it happened, but I'm glad that it did. I have never eaten a baked sweet potato. My only real memory of eating them before now is the super sicky overly sweet casserole of sweet potatoes smothered in melted and browned marshmellows that my mom would make. I just remember thinking to myself that it tasted like a desert and I didn't like it. 

So as I was patiently and hungrily waiting my for my husband to come home for lunch (he had to run by the store to get me a sweet potato), I got a phone call from him. He was searching the fresh vegetables at the store trying to find one, but all that he found were "yams". I knew fairly well that they aren't the same, but I didn't know why. After a few minutes on my laptop and through the magic that Google is, I now know the difference. And knowing is half the battle, after all. ;) I guess that us southerns decide to label all sweet potatoes as yams...I don't know why. I doubt that any of us have actually seen a yam.

I scrubbed that tuber (thanks Google) and then stabbed it with a knife repeatedly, rolled it up in a paper-towel like a burrito, and nuked it on high for 4.5 minutes...I was starving by the time it was done. I got it out, split it down the middle and added a tsp of unsalted butter (yeah, the real stuff), then 3/4 of a tbsp of Simply Sour Cream, a sprinkle of cheddar cheese and then to top it all off, a handful of shredded organic baby spinach and I can't forget the freshly cracked pepper and a dash of cumin. It was DELICIOUS! I ate it all and then pouted at the empty skin that remained. 

 calories-223 / fat-10gm / protein-4

I didn't have any snacks yesterday (shocking) until after my workout. Some how the day had just totally gotten away from me. And before I realized it, it's already 5PM and my husband called and was asking what dinner was going to be. I had no clue and then he spoke the most beautiful words I could ever hear - "Want me to get pizza?". Yes, yes, yes! Oh how I love pizza...No one has to cook and clean up is a breeze. Now if you over indulge on the pizza it can be the down fall to any and everyone trying to lose weight and to get healthier. But I have it down to a science now. I only eat 2 slices of thin crust - cheese, if I have fewer calories left by dinner I only have 1 slice (yeah, we eat pizza about 2 times a month and I love every minute of it). Thinking back to how I used to eat, I'm sure that I could have wolfed down half that warm ooey gooey cheesy goodness and then had a giant bowl of ice cream to top it off. Oh, how things have changed. Instead of eating more slices of pizza, I make sure that I have a giant salad on the side and if I still feel hungry after I'm done, I get more salad - no more pizza.

 calories-550 / fat-28 / protein-20

After dinner, I changed and then I headed to the gym. My home away from home :) I started out on the Elliptical for a nice 7 min warm up. My butt and thighs were still very sore from the work-out I tortured them with on Mon. After the blood got to pumping and the muscles were warm, I hopped on the Treadmill and ran for 7 mins (speed varying from 4.5 to 5.7). I had hoped that I would be able to run 2 miles in less than 28mins (I'm new to running) but my stems just couldn't handle it. If I had been able to stick it out I would have ran a 14min mile. That's pretty stinkin good for me. But I gave up on trying to achieve that goal and I set the incline to 11.5 and climbed for 7mins. I was drenched in sweat by the end of those 14mins. I then made my way over to the weight machines and I worked on my calves, my arms, and my thighs and butt for 40mins or so. I really do enjoy the work out I get from the machines and the free weights. Don't be afraid of them...they won't bite.

  calories burned 572

After my work out I came home and had to fuel my machine. Which means I get to eat more - woohoo!! (I really do enjoy food and I LOVE to eat) I had a packet of Justin's Maple Almond Butter with one cinnamon graham cracker and a protein shake - made with Six Star by Muscle Tech Vanilla Whey Protein (1 scoop), Silk Vanilla Almond milk (1/2 cup) and Silk Pure Almond Dark Chocolate milk (1/2 cup). Yum yum! All in all a great day!!
calories - 490 / fat - 23 / protein - 32

Until tomorrow, be strong, don't give up. We all have crappy days that bring us down, determination is what you do after you have fallen. I choose to get up and get back at it...what will you do? 

My stats for yesterday: calories - 1,424 / carbs - 94 / fat - 62 / protein - 70 / sodium - 1513 / water - 48oz (I slacked off on my water, I need to get back to it!)

P.S. - And no, I didn't take the time to explain the differences of the two, so if you are overly curious about the difference between a sweet potato and a yam - Google it ;)
Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hi, I'm Danielle!!

Alright, so let's get right to it shall we? Some info about me: I am 5'8" and I am 33 years old. I have never followed through with something that I have wanted to accomplish for my self (until now). I never went to college. I don't have a career. I have a husband, a family, a cat, and the desire to be better. I am a mother of three. Two boys (9 and 6) and one little girl (30 months). Before children I had always been thin, but I was never really healthy. (My parents didn't really focus on health or on how to make the right choices with food. We had junk food but we also had vegetables with every meal...go figure) After the birth of my first son I got skinny again, very skinny. But once again I wasn't healthy. I put weight back on and slowly climbed my way to unhappiness in my own skin. The highest weight that I reached was around 230lbs. Though that was while I was 9 months pregnant...still *GASP*. I never really thought that I would allow that to happen to me. After the birth of my daughter I got down to 190ish and I was miserable. I was fat, I had 2 chins, I had the muffin top...you name it I had it.

So finally, I got sick and tired of the extra weight on my body and what that did to my spirit. I took a long hard look at my life and then I had a talk with the girl in the mirror and I told her that she had to go. I was taking control of my life back once again and that was all that there was to it. I wanted to feel better about me, it's my body I should love it. This all started in April 2011 while I was weighing about 185. I am now down 27lbs and I have lost more than 14 inches from all over. I now weigh in at 158. That is only 4lbs over my pre-baby weight. I plan on dropping those 4lbs by the end of the year. I am determined to reach that goal!!

Also please don't think that this is going to be a mushy blog about working out with my children. I love my children, more than I can ever type out or put down on paper ...but when it comes to my health and my fitness - it's all about ME. It's my escape from being a stay at home mom. It's my "me time". Though, I will be sharing with my children the appropriate way to eat and how to make better choices in this world that is so full of  convenience foods and just plain garbage that is disguised as "food". But please don't get the impression that I am perfect. I eat pizza, candy, and I love the heck out of some Taco Bell (on occasion... OK more like once a week, maybe) but I know now how to eat with-in my calorie limitations. I know now how to appreciate my food and how to savoir it.

I hope that you follow along with me as I continue to find the real me and I find the self confidence that I have never really had. I will go back and share more details on how I lost the weight, what worked, and what didn't work. Until next time, here is a picture of me before this whole process started - this was when I had just found out that I was pregnant with my daughter and I was weighing right around 183lbs, give or take a few.