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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Feel the Burn!

Good morning, Danielle here. I hope you are having a fantastic day thus far. I have been lackadaisical as far as my blog goes, It's pretty obvious that I lost some steam when the holidays hit. Plus I didn't want to just repeat myself, repeat myself, repeat myself. Even though I got lazy with typing out what I was doing,  I didn't get lazy when it came around to working out. I was talking to the hubster the other night about how I haven't posted much lately. He said that he had noticed that he hadn't gotten any updates . Then I spent some time thinking about it and I decided that when the new year starts that I will set a certain goal for each week (1,000 deep squats, 1,000 jumping jacks...etc) and I will try 1 new pescatarian recipe a week (that one will be tough for me, I'm pretty set in my ways...lol). I do enjoy cooking and I definitely need to expand my repertoire.

Alright, as far as fitness goes I'm doing good. I have gone to the gym 3 times this week thus far. I plan on going for a ride tonight. It's been a while since I have been on my bike (I really have to get a new seat...my butt would be very thankful!) and I think I will try to go for a 5 mile ride tonight.

Now let's talk about food....mmmmm. I'm still having my oatmeal for breakfast. I have tweaked it some though. My yummy Vanilla Berry Oatmeal recipe = 1/3 cup oats, water (I use the water spout on our fridge and count to 5), cinnamon, small palm full of frozen berry medley. Then I cook it in the microwave for 75 seconds. Once it's done I add a sprinkle of brown sugar, half a scoop of my vanilla whey protein, and lastly a splash of milk (sometimes a add a few walnuts crushed up on the top). Stats (w/o walnuts): calories- 137 / carbs- 13 / fat- 1 / protein- 18 / sodium- 54

I somehow haven't gotten tired of it. The vanilla protein makes it taste really good and gives it almost a creamy texture. And since I use a medley I always get a different amount of different types of berries, which makes it taste a bit different each day.

And in other news, last Sunday....you know the day that the Texans beat the Bengals and secured their spot in the play-offs, yeah that day ;) Once church was over I got home and decided to totally go through and reorganize my closet. I found a box that was full of clothes that I haven't seen in a few years. And in that box I found my true skinny jeans. They are jeans that I bought when I was 18yrs old. I pulled them out of the box with a squeal and then I of course had to try them on....

And they FIT!! Holy moly I was in total shock and disbelief. I even wore them out to my church's Women's Christmas Party. It was quite a surreal moment. I honestly didn't think that I would ever be able to get them up over my thighs, let alone that they would button. WOOHOO! I'm excited because now that means that I have another pair of jeans that fit. I do need to get a patch for the back pocket...it's starting to rip at the corner. :D

I decided to give myself a challenge, and for today it is to do 15 deep squats every time I have to use the bathroom. I do the squats after the serious business is done, of course. Otherwise....well I'm sure you can imagine and it wouldn't be pleasant. I'm not sure if the hubster will be going for a run while I'm biking or not. And let me take a second to send a huge shout out to him. He has gone and worked out at the gym everyday this week thus far (he is up at 5am and heads to the gym) and he has gone for a walk/run every night. GOOD JOB BABE!!

Here is the newest updated picture of me. This is before I headed to the gym Monday evening. I am really trying to work on the definition in my arms. They haven't felt sore in a while...I think that means it's time to switch it up!

Alright, well that's all that I have for now. Keep on heading towards your goal. Baby step after baby step if need be. You CAN do it and you ARE worth it! I'm out like a brussel sprout! 


Ben said...

You have done amazing too babe, keep up the blog and inspiration. I love you