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Monday, December 5, 2011


Hello, Danielle here. I know it's been a while since I have typed out some stuff. I spent quite a bit of time and had a post all ready to go, I went back to add my photos and *POOF* it was gone. It just disappeared, the excuse was some sort of server error. I was bummed but didn't have more time to go back and re-do it all. And then I have just been super busy doing the whole mom and wife thing.

So the last time that I recall being here, I was talking about Thanksgiving. Here is a quick run down on how that all went:

-got to meet my adorable niece Sonora, finally!
-had tons of fun with family and friends.
-didn't over indulge but enjoyed the desserts and sides
-didn't sweat not having any turkey (I had my salmon fillet and salad)

Friday after Thanksgiving, we hauled all the Christmas decorations down (I climbed up in the attic and helped with that...SHOCKING!). In little over 3 hours we were able to get the lights up and the yard decorated. I am very thankful that we did, as the next day a storm blew in and it was wet and cold all day. 

The Saturday after turkey day, we worked on the house and got the tree set up and decorated. We had to have our hot cocoa and cookies first, though. And don't fret, I straightened out the lopsided tree topper ;)

Now about my diet and working out...and the such. I did really good last week, I worked out 6 days in a row. I took Sunday off, because it can be hectic all on it's own without trying to squeeze in a work out. 

I am getting quite frustrated, I have gained almost 5lbs. :( I am much too close to weighing 160 again. I'm trying to figure out if it's water retention or maybe I'm not eating enough. Ugh! It's irritating though, to say the least. My clothes aren't fitting me any different (I don't think) All the ones that are too big, are still way too big. All the new ones I bought, still fit. I just want to know where the extra elle bees are coming from, ya know. I would take my measurements, but my measuring tape has disappeared. I'm pretty sure that it's being used to make some sort of a contraption somewhere in the house. For all I know it could be being used as a rope to keep some stuffed toy tied up and captured. I'm positive that one of the offspring ran off with it. So now I need to either; search the house over looking for it, or buy a new one. Buying a new one seems to make the most sense and would be quicker and easier. 

Breakfast today was oatmeal with frozen berry medley and some protein powder (yes, I'm still eating my oatmeal. At least one would be able to say that I am loyal...lol). Lunch will be a big ol' salad with a boiled egg and some cashews. Dinner...I haven't even had a chance to consider what it will be. I am planning on heading to the gym tonight to start the week off on the right foot. Tomorrow night the hubster and I will be doing Kickboxing at home. We found it on OnDemand...it's funny. Neither one of us are very coordinated, so watching us try to follow along....it makes for a good laugh.

Alright, I think have you all caught up on the "important stuff". So what are your food/exercise plans for the day? Are you doing things to improve your health and your life? Just remember that you ARE worth it and you CAN do it.


ILBCNU10 said...

Almost guarantee if you worked out 6 days in a row you built muscle and thus the weight gain.