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Friday, November 18, 2011

Nothing Can Bring Me Down!

Danielle here, wishing you all a great day! I hope you are bundled up. It's actually a bit chilly out! Goodness I love weather like this. I need to be somewhere that actually has a winter. Living in Texas it seems to be hot and then we have a few cold fronts through out fall and winter and then it's back to the sweltering heat...blah!

What did you have for breakfast today? I had the usual...yup, you got it. More oatmeal with blueberries and Greek yogurt. But today I mixed it up....ooooooh aaaaaah! I added in 1/4 of a scoop of protein. And just that small amount added 7gm of protein to my breakfast. Good deal!! It gave it a nice flavor as well. 

Yesterday just seemed to be an off day for me. I felt lazy and just not quite up to par. I'm not sure what was up with that. I also, was busy online and taking care of my oldest son (who is now covered from head to toe in the weird rash...poor guy! He has a doctor appointment today so we can get to the bottom of it.) Being extra busy means that I don't have any pictures to share with you today. But I do have a new addiction to tell you about. If you live around Cypress, TX there is a group on facebook "Beg, Borrow, Buy, and Sell in Cypress" - there is one for Children's stuff and then another for everything else. I was busy yesterday going around the house and picking through the stuff that I need to purge, taking pictures of it and posting it to the group. Hey, I might be able to make a few bucks to add to the Christmas fund :D. If you are looking for anything, check it out. And if you aren't from Cypress, see if there is a group for your area. Or maybe you should be the one to start it. :)

Lunch was left over Baked Veggie Alfredo and a salad...yum yum yummy! And some how I made it through the day without having a snack...I don't know how that happened, I love eating. I guess I spent too much time in my chair cruising the internet. During lunch my good friend called and we discussed what we are going to do for Thanksgiving and what time we are going to eat and what I am going to eat. This is my first holiday season that I will not be eating meat. I think this might be a bit of a challenge. I LOVE turkey and all the fixings. I look forward to that meal all year long. So I know that I will have to dig deep and use my self control. I have it all planned out. I want to get a yummy fresh caught fish fillet and take it over to her house and cook it up. I will also be taking a big salad, a fruit salad and maybe a desert. A bottle of wine is also a must have. 

Before I knew it the hubster was home...and there I was still in my chair getting frustrated with facebook, most of the ads that I was trying to post didn't work right. I was having so many issues trying to load a picture...it was super frustrating. He asked what I wanted for dinner and I honestly don't remember answering him, (sorry babe). We had frozen pizza and a big salad. And even after that was calculated up in my food diary, I still had almost 500 calories left and I hadn't worked out. So I decided that yesterday was just a blah day all around and that I was going to have some chocolate and then not work out. It was nice! Even after the chocolate and some nuts I was still under...I also didn't get any where near enough protein. That doesn't make me happy. That is why I decided to add the protein to my breakfast today.

After my daughter was down for the night and my boys had finished their popsicles and got ready for bed, my husband had to run to the store to get some more children's allergy medicine (hoping it would help my son with his rash - it didn't). I decided to go take a nice long hot shower and relax. I hopped on the scale while the water was getting hot and I couldn't believe what it said. I stepped back off, let it zero out and turn off and then I stepped back on. Low and behold, it was the same - 155.6 - WHAT THE WHAT!?!?!  Shut the front door!! That means that I am only 1.6lbs away from being at my pre-baby weight. I am still shocked about that. Like I stated in my first blog...I never have stuck with anything before...until now. I am elated and a bit in denial. It's like it's all a dream and I am going to wake up and the old me will be looking back at me in the mirror. I guess if that ever happened, then I would start the whole process over! It would be more than worth it. Once I reach 154, I will then decide if I want to start maintenance or if I want to lose another 5-10lbs. I may be making that decision next week or in a few days...who knows!! :D

Until next time, drink a glass of water and move your body today. And then strive to do it again tomorrow. Remember that you Are worth it and that you CAN do it. :) I'm off to go peruse the new listings on Beg, Borrow, Buy, and Sell...have a fantastic Friday!!

Stats for yesterday: calories- 1033 / carbs- 109 / fat- 52 / protein- 31 / sodium- 1288 / water- 48oz
I am not too happy with my protein and my water intake - striving to do much better today!!

P.S. - My bicycle is finally at the store and it can be picked up today...I am so excited!!!! YAY! :D I haven't been this excited about anything since I got my Sony Alpha 390a.


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