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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I CAN do this!

Hi, it's Danielle again. I hope that you are having a wonderful day. I need to talk to Bonnie and see if she wants to add what she has been up to lately...Psst, hey Bonnie, you wanna tell everybody how you are doing? ;) I'm curious to know.

Let me give you a recap of last week. It all started out so well. I went to the gym, I was riding my bike, I was feeling good...and then *boom* my monthly friend (or what the hubster and I now call "shark week") decided to surprise me. That means that all that really happened after the lovely surprise was that I sat around and ate lots of carbs and chocolate. Blah! Oh well, I'm stoked to get back on track. I'm going to rock this week!

Last night I was planning on going to the gym, but I got a late start and then the car had an extra low, if not flat, tire. So by the time my husband got back from putting air in the tire I had decided to do one of the exercise videos that is now on Netflix. If you have it, check out "Crunch: Super Slimdown" It's another yoga and pilates combo but much quicker then what I was doing before. I really enjoyed it. I plan on trying to do that on the nights that I ride.

As far as my goals for the year:
- I was able to complete 320 of the 450 jump-n-squats. I'm not happy that I didn't get them all done...but I also know that I have to give me a break once in a while. (Side note: those things really work your calves. You should give them a try!)

- I did cook a new pescatarian recipe...I finally made shrimp tacos. Woohoo! I made it up myself (I do that a lot)...and it was DELICIOUS!!

- I rode little over 10 miles last week...again not quite at my goal but still pretty stinkin' good.

And just so that I don't get bored or anything, I have decided to give myself another challenge. It's going to be a tough one for me too....this may be the hardest thing that I have ever set out to accomplish thus far...No joke! I am going to start to eat as cleanly as possible. That means that as of yesterday, I am staying away from bad carbs. That means no more Taco Bell :(  No more pizza :(  No more crackers, pretzels, cookies, bread sticks, no more processed anything....all those yummy bad things are now off limits for me :(  I am trying to decide if I will still have a cheat day once a week. Though I think that I may change it to twice a month instead. I think that I would be able to handle that.

I also have a really bad habit of snacking at night. That is going to be tough to refrain from. I have to make better choices. I need to have more healthy snacks at night and I have to curb my sweet tooth. I know I can do this. I know I can!! I want to look great in a bathing suit this year. I picked a great time to start down a new path. I know that I will see some awesome results. I just have to make it happen. So.... here's to making it happen!! If I can give up Taco Bell and all the other things that I love to eat, then I'm pretty sure that you can make a first step to finding a healthier/fitter you. It's not always fun, it's not always easy...in fact sometimes it sucks. But it is sooo going to be worth it.  :D

And for those that might want to try it -

Shrimp Tacos
Start out with 1tbsp evoo in a pan (low heat)
Add diced white onion, fresh garlic, black pepper, salt, garlic powder, cayenne, paprika and any other spices you enjoy
Saute until onions are translucent 
Add half a can of Fire Roasted Tomatoes, Mexican style (medium heat)
Add 1lb of shrimp
Simmer until shrimp are cooked through (low heat)

Add to a whole wheat tortilla or even a Romaine lettuce leaf and top it with all your favorites. I like purple cabbage, avocado, sour cream and a sprinkle of cheese. I also think it would be good on top of a salad. Mmmmm.

Challenge for the week - Weighted V-Sits.  You will need a yoga mat, weights, and a timer. Use what ever weights you feel comfortable with. I will be using 3lbs (they are the heaviest set that I have right now). I'm striving to do an hour total for the week (That means 10mins per day for the rest of the week).

What you will do: sit up tall on your mat, arms out straight in front shoulder height (holding weights), knees bent and feet off the floor, really scoop out your middle, keep your abs tight and your shoulders down. Also be sure to keep your back straight. ENJOY! (This exercise is great for your abs, obliques, low back, and hip flexors.)

Hmm, I suppose that that is all for now. Strive ever forward...you CAN do it and you ARE worth it!! Make it a wonderful day.