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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Keeping It Real!

So yeah...let's get real! Danielle here, once again. I haven't switched to WordPress yet...yet being the operative word there. I plan on doing so soon. Ben has been pretty busy lately and it seems that between him working, working from home getting caught up on free lance stuff, and then the both of us working out we don't spend a whole lot of time just sitting around. We need to schedule some time to just sit together...and soon.

My days of not eating "bad carbs" has come to an end. And the ending was more like a crash landing. I was scarfing down everything that was in my site. I was craving chocolate and all sorts of yummy goodness. I indulged myself and then I paid for it at the gym last night. I burned off almost 1,000 calories. So I earned all the scarfing ;) I didn't even feel all that guilty about it either. I know that I will work my body extra hard, I will make my muscles beg and scream for mercy and then I will push them a lil harder still. Changing and growing isn't painless. It hurts - A LOT!!...But it's OK, I thrive on that soreness. It lets me know that I worked hard. I am pretty stinkin proud of me. I ate as clean as I possibly could for those 12 days. It was a big challenge for me but I did it! And it really was one of the most difficult things that I have done to date. I will be doing it again, once summer is closer....I am so going to rock an awesome bathing suit this year. I have already started looking around for "the one"! :D

And now I need to address a dark cloud that has tried to intrude into my light. I am now a person that is pretty good at just dusting off the crap-o-la, but I also think that I should have the ability to respond and let you know how I feel (and every time I use the word "you" I do so in a broad and generalized way). But firstly let me say; I have an awesome support group!! Thank you to everyone that lifts me up and offers their kind words to help keep me striving forward. Sadly though, there are those that just can't seem to be happy for anyone else. To those people I say, I am sorry. I am truly sad for you. I lived my life that way for many years, in fact a lot of my life I was very negative...not any more, and I will never be able to go back to living like that. (Thank you Lord Father, for opening my eyes and helping me to really be able to see.) I'm very sorry that your life is that downtrodden and that all you can see is negativity. You say "You want to be supportive...BUT...etc..." and then you list reasons why you can't be supportive. I'm sorry to say that you aren't fooling anyone. The truth of the matter is already out there. And even though I know the truth, I only wish for happiness in your life and peace in your heart. Cheering someone on and telling a person "good job"  isn't stroking their ego...It's commending someone for their hard work, their determination, and the effort that they have put forth. But when there are darker things in your life, like envy and jealousy, it makes it very hard for you to be happy with yourself and therefor there is no room for positivity when it comes to others, I understand that. But then you also need to know and understand that you can always improve, you can always decide that you are tired of how you are living and then you c-h-a-n-g-e. YOU can do it! There is a whole new world out there, a world of support and happiness. All you have to do is want it bad enough to put all the crap down. You just have to lay it at God's feet and never pick it up again...you will then feel so free, so light, and so very happy. I want that for you...You should want it as well.

Alright enough of all that....let's move on to the subject of the challenge for last week...HAHAHAHA! I so put the cart before the horse on that one. There was no way in this world that I was going to be able to complete that....I'm not that awesome yet ;) Someday, I will be...I will be. You just wait and see :D

Challenge for the week: (it's achievable, I swear) Interval Circuit Training. You will need a HIIT timer (you should be able to find an app for your phone) you will need to set it for 20 secs of work and 10 secs of rest. The work out looks like this:

  • Jumping Jacks - 20secs
  • Rest - 10sec
  • Squats - 20secs
  • Rest - 10sec
  • Burpees - 20secs
  • Rest - 10sec
  • Sit ups - 20secs
  • Rest - 10sec
  • Push-ups - 20secs
  • Rest - 10secs
  • Repeat!! Do this plan back to back a few times through out the day and you will really get your blood to pumping plus burn a decent amount of calories!!

Now, as far as cooking a new pescatarian dish - I didn't cook it, but I had an awesome friend make dinner for the family (spaghetti - yum!!) while we were hanging out at their house this weekend. And she was sweet enough to cook mine special. She used regular ground beef in everyone else's and she used Boca  in my sauce. I was amazed at how much it tasted like actual ground beef. I can imagine lots of tasty foods made with it - tacos, burritos, nachos, cottage pie...the list can go on and on! Thanks so much for introducing it to me!! :D

And now for more realness - I have slacked off on my riding. The weather has been a bit unfavorable lately. On my "ride" days it's been extra cold and rainy and I'm not wanting to get sick...so yeah...I'm behind on my miles. I plan on going to the gym tonight to hit the weights and then going for a ride when I get home.

The hubster is on his way to the store to pick up a few healthy lunch items (we are having a salad and tuna for lunch) and he is grabbing some stuff to make shrimp and veggie stir fry for dinner tonight. That will be my new recipe for the week. I may pop by in a couple of days and let you all know how fabulous it was ;)

Until next time, continue to strive ever forward. Drink your water. Smile. And remember that you CAN do it and that you ARE worth it. D out!