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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hi! I'm Bonnie!

OK so I'm 29, 5'6" and the mother of two incredible little men (5 and 10). Like Danielle, I really have never stuck to anything I set out to accomplish for myself. Something has always gotten in the way- kids, work, and laziness. Growing up we always ate healthy, my grandpa was a doctor so it was kind of mandatory. There really was never any junk food in the house, so that really has never been a big problem. My problem has always been physical fitness. I was not allowed to play sports growing up, and can honestly say I don’t remember my parents ever exercising, aside from riding a bike around the block a couple times. I have only recently experienced the healing effects physical activity can have on your body and soul. You can have someone tell you all about it, but you have to feel it to understand. 

As for my weight gain over the past few years, it began with being under weight and having an extremely poor diet. After battling with depression for who knows how long, I simply stopped eating. Sure, what I was eating wasn't all that bad, but the amount so was small that my metabolism all but shut down. So when I was finally feeling human and started eating again I also started packing on the pounds. At my heaviest I was about 185ish, and I felt like whale. I have tried several times to loss the weight over the past few years with success. I would get to a point where my weight loss stalled out and I would get discouraged and give up.

So the last time I started over on my weight loss was in June, and it’s just that, the last time. I will not be starting over again...ever. This time it is a lifelong commitment. Now don’t get me wrong, I have days when I don’t want get out of bed and all i want to eat is the bowl of Halloween candy (the whole bowl). But what is different this time is that I finally understand that I am going slip up every once in awhile, and that okay as long as I gather myself and get back on track. Currently I am 168 pounds, this is where I always tend to get stuck, so the next few months are really going to be a test of my determination.