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Friday, November 11, 2011

11/11/11 - Veterans Day

Hiya, Danielle here. Firstly let me say a  huge -Thank You- to all the veterans that have fought for our country. Every minute that you spent away from your family, friends and loved ones pays the price for our freedom. Thank you for your bravery and for the desire to fight for a country that sometimes doesn't show much appreciation for you. I salute you all.

Yesterday started out with me being woken up by a little blond curly headed girl shouting at me to "GET OUT OF MY BED!" as she yanked the covers off of me "I WANT TO WATCH DORA!!". So I begrudgingly got out of bed and made it up, I'm not sure why I do this everyday as something or someone (most likely the same little blond curly headed girl) trashes the bed and litters the room with toys. I headed to the kitchen where my husband had my coffee waiting for me. It had 1 packet of Stevia and 1tbsp of Hazelnut creamer (the yummy liquid kind) in it, and it was delicious. It's a huge change from how I used to drink my coffee. I loved it extra sweet and very blond. I then looked in the pantry and the fridge trying to figure out what to put in my belly. I zeroed in on some creamy protein packed deliciousness- I had 3/4 of a cup of Greek non-fat vanilla yogurt with a sprinkle of Honey Bunches of Oats w/ Almonds.

calories- 153 / fat- 2 / protein- 15

Yesterday was just another day around the house...the normal stuff for a mom. Getting sippy cups and snacks, singing and dancing, changing diapers, rescuing the princess from the mighty mud and then from a giant sand storm (my daughter LOVES Diego and Dora...a lot!). I also had some cleaning to do, it seems like that never ends. And as I sit here typing away there are baskets of laundry that needs to be folded and a dish washer that needs to be unloaded. Blah, it can wait until later. I doubt that the laundry or the dishes will run away... A girl can dream though.

The day really did seem to fly by. I was shocked that my husband was home for lunch when it felt like he had just left for work. He walked in and asked what I wanted as he headed to the kitchen. Let me just take a second to give a great big huge shout out to husbands that come home from work and make their wives lunch - THANK YOU! I have an awesome spouse! He suggested a tuna wrap...I said "Heck yeah!". And then after his labor of love is finished he brought my happy plate to me and I devoured it (the food, not the plate). ;) 

calories- 204 / fat- 3 / protein- 3

Through out the day I snacked on cashews. OhMyGoodness!! Cashews are my most favorite nut in the world. You will see in the future that I snack on them often and I have zero guilt about it. Such yummy, salty, creamy and delicious goodness. I <3 cashews!
calories- 210 / fat- 24 / protein- 9

I got a late start on dinner, I kept thinking that I had plenty of time to get my tasty Vegetarian Black Bean soup on the stove. By the time I got to it, it was after 3PM...I swear that 2 hours flew by in about 4 mins. I'm not sure how it happened, but it did. It still turned out to be taste-tastic. We ate dinner a little bit later than normal, but it was no big deal. I served it over long grain brown rice, with a dollop of Simply Sour Cream and a sprinkle of sharp cheddar cheese on top.

calories- 343 / fat- 4 / protein- 17

After dinner and once homework is looked over the kiddos brush their teeth and are then tucked safely into bed. They of course have to have their bed time stories, prayers, and good night kisses, my husband joins me for a few minutes before he goes for his run. I was nestled in my chair, blanket tucked over my legs, all comfy in my yoga clothes (I changed after dinner). I sat there and enjoyed one of my Thursday night shows (The Vampire Diaries, The Big Bang Theory, and Bones). I only watched TVD and then I popped in my Yogalates DVD and I got ready for Louise Solomon to help me relax and get my stretch on. I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent on focusing on my breathing and stretching out my sore muscles. After I'm all relaxed I climbed back in my chair and finished my shows. 

time spent- 30mins / calories burned - 119

My husband and I spent the rest of the evening playing some MW3. He plays a lot more than I do...and you can tell ;) I have come to realize that I have about 2 decent games in me and then I am too tired to really pay attention. So while he played his heart out until like 2AM, I was sound asleep on the couch. 

Until next time, be positive, and smile at people when they walk past you. That might just brighten their day and they then return the favor and smile at someone else. :) And if by chance you run across a veteran while you are out and about, shake their hand and thank them for all that they did for us.  

My stats for yesterday:  calories- 1,210 / carbs- 137 / fat- 43 / protein- 43 / sodium- 455