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Monday, November 14, 2011

It's Shocking...

Hello all, Danielle here. So as I look at the calender and see the date I can't believe it! Is anyone else in shock about the fact that it's already the middle of November? Thanksgiving is only a week away! I can't wrap my brain around it. It's like the days have zipped by while I was asleep. When I was a child the time eeked by ever so slowly and now that I'm a "grown up" it seems that the sand is slipping through the hour glass at an extreme rate of speed. I look at my babies and I wonder where they came from. I mean....me, a parent? How did this happen?? LOL - I look at my children and I see amazing little human beings with their own personalities and their own sense of humor. I am honored to be their mother and I am thankful that they were placed in my life. That being said, those lil humans can drive me crazy...lol. And it only makes me love and cherish them even more, if that is possible. :)

This weekend was quite enjoyable. Saturday I met up with Bonnie and we went to dinner. We always seem to go get sushi (mmmmm) and have a carafe of peach sake (drool). After we ate we grabbed an over priced coffee (yeah at that place that starts with a S and ends Bucks) and then we just talked for hours as we walked laps at the outdoor shopping mall. It's nice when we are able to get together, we live quite away apart so we don't get together all that often. I want to find a place where we can meet up and then go for a run. Bonnie has already ran a 5K and my goal was to run one very soon. I am working towards that goal, I really have to work on my stamina, I tire out very quickly. Side note: I had planned to take some pictures of us but then I completely forgot. Sorry about that.

Sunday was very nice as well. We woke up early and then the hubster and I played some MW3 and then got ready to go to church. I love my church family and the church that we attend. I am so very thankful that my life has led me to this place. After an awesome service at church we went and grabbed a quick lunch at the Taco Bell - I had my usual. A classic bean and cheese burrito and a cheesy nachos and lots of fire sauce...I love that stuff. Calories are a bit high and sodium is as well, but I stayed under my calories for the day. Sundays are normally my cheat days, but I didn't try to calculate the calories of the sushi, sake, and then yummy caramel coffee. I decided that Saturday would be the cheat day, instead. After lunch we went to a house warming party for an awesome family that attends our church. They had just bought their first home and were finished moving in and unpacking. I am so happy for them, can't wait for some "game dates". After the party we went grocery shopping as a family. We don't do that very often...trying to shop with 3 kiddos in tow can be a hassle. But they did great and I was so happy to restock the pantry and the fridge with yummy healthy foods. We ended the day having a nice quick dinner at home and watching our shows.

To say the least, after a weekend of not eating all that well and little to no real exercise I was quite shocked to see the number that popped up on the scale. It is the lowest number that I had seen in 11yrs - 156.6!! That means that I am only 2.6lbs away from reaching my pre-baby weight. YAY!! I am now really confident that I can make my goal by the end of the year. And once I do reach it I plan on rewarding myself with a shopping spree. It will be more out of necessity then anything else, as I now only have one pair of jeans that truly fit, and I just bought those. I can't wait, it will be so much fun to see how clothes fit my new body. 

I really need to get up and get at it. I have laundry and cleaning waiting on me, so until next time - don't ever give up on yourself. You are worth the effort! You can accomplish anything if you truly want it. I am proof of that. :)


Ben said...

That's great. Wtg on the scale victory. I'm so proud of you.