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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Flash Back

Good day to you all, Danielle here. I figured that since nothing really exciting happened yesterday (not that it ever really does *knock on wood*) that I would quickly give you a run down on what I ate and how I moved and then tell you about how I got this whole lifestyle change started. 

Yesterday, I had the same breakfast as on Tuesday (oatmeal, with blueberries and Greek yogurt). For lunch I had left over spinach and cheese enchiladas (they tasted even yummier the day after). For dinner I had cheese ravioli and a big salad. I didn't make it to the gym, so instead I lifted weights and used my exercise ball again. Then after the kiddos were all tucked in bed and fast asleep, the hubster and I went for a walk. We talked and laughed and just had a great time spending time together.

time spent- 35mins / calories burned- 336

Stats for yesterday: calories- 1410 / carbs- 158 / fat- 60 / protein- 47 / sodium- 1777 / water- 72oz

Que the wavy lines ~ ~ ~ Flash Back session in progress - I don't really remember when the exact ah ha moment was and when I realized that I was fed up with how I felt about my body and how the lack of energy was effecting my life and my overall attitude. But I do know that not too long before my oldest son's birthday (end of April 2011) that I watched "Food Inc." and I was disgusted. I decided to do some other research and then...that was the end of that part of my unhealthy life and it was the beginning of my Pescatarian life.

The big corporations are more worried about making the big bucks then they are about the crap that is being sold as "meat". I decided that afternoon that I would not eat; chicken, beef or pork again - and I have not. I can't stomach the thought of putting meat that is full of growth hormones and that it has to have an ammonia bath, into my body. The fact that a chick hatches and then 46 days later is slaughtered and packaged to be sold...doesn't sit well with me. The things are so pumped full of growth hormones that they literally can't move. They can hardly breathe. Thanks to the hormones their bodies are growing faster than their organs. You may wonder what they do all day....well, it's not pleasant. They lay around in their own feces waiting until the day they are slaughtered and then served up. Mmmm - makes me want some Chicken Nuggets. NOT!  

(**It has been brought to my attention that it's illegal to use hormones in farming chickens. And so I say, do some research for yourself, and maybe even watch Food Inc. and then make a decision**)

Eating better became a huge part of my daily routine. I try not to eat too much processed stuff  (I still do though...I'm not perfect). I also became much more aware of the calories in food (thank you so much myfitnesspal.com - I have such a great group of friends that help to motivate me!!). I had never really paid much attention to any of that stuff before. I honestly didn't care that much. I would just stuff my face until my stomach hurt and I felt bad and wished that I hadn't eaten that much...but then I would turn around and do it again at the next meal and the next. 

After I was eating better I decided that I had to get some exercise back into my routine as well. At first, I would do leg lifts while laying back in my recliner (no lie) and I would lift weights (3lbs) while sitting there watching a movie (I'm now using a 10lb weight at home and 20lb at the gym). I would get up and do 20 or so jumping jacks a few times through out the day. I also started to drink more water (now it's all I drink aside from a coffee once in awhile). And just in case you didn't know this, but the more water you drink...the more you have to pee...I know, I know - who would have thunk it ;)  I decided to make all those trips to restroom worth while. I started to do 10reps of different exercises every time I had to go (after I had finished, of course) and I would set a goal for the day and then or the week. I was also working out with my Wii Fit. A month or so passed and I was getting bored so I knew I needed something else. In June 2011 I got a gym membership and I have been using it pretty regularly. Recently I started running and now for Christmas I am getting a mountain bike. No clothes or shoes or purses or pretty baubles- I wanted a bike. I can't wait to get it and take it out for spin!! Oh, how things have changed :D

And so now here I am, almost 30lbs lighter, feeling so good about my body and I have more energy and confidence then I ever have. And sometimes when I see myself in the mirror or in a picture, I don't believe it's me. That's a pretty awesome feeling. I am in my 30's and I am in the best shape of my life, thus far. It's only going to get better. So now its your turn. Don't let another week, month or year go by. Find out what your body and your mind can really do. Set a goal and then do your very best to reach it. 
You ARE worth it and you CAN do it - I am proof!


ILBCNU10 said...

I get how and why you made the changes with regard meat but I am just curious. I know you still eat fish, do you eat farm fresh or wild only? On something such as chicken if you had a local farmers market where you can know the chicken was truly free range and sourced properly would you eat those? Same thought on eggs? Keep pounding the gym!

Ben said...

When we get fish its from HEB, not top of the line, but better than most.

We do want to start getting farm fresh eggs soon, an egg has less growth hormones than a 10lbs chicken, but still have extra stuff that we dont want.

And I highly doubt she will ever eat meat (beef, pork, fowl) again. I believe she has truly gone away from that even if we found a great source of wholesome meat.

Danielle & Bonnie said...

Yeah, what Ben said...lol :) Thanks babe!

We buy our seafood from HEB. I only get wild caught, no farm raised.

Eggs- at some point I would love to have chickens and have fresh eggs right out the door. A veggie garden would be AWESOME.

As far as eating meat again...I really don't know. There are times that I smell a steak on the grill and my mouth waters. But at the same time I get a weird nauseous feeling in the pit of my stomach. On occasion I do miss chicken fajitas too. I guess that will be something that I decide when the opportunity arises. I'm not going out in search of any right now. :)

BeachedBlond said...

Did you know that it is illegal to grow chickens now using growth hormones? The packages say that now. I still only buy organic chicken and cage free eggs though. I know you are very concerned about meat and how it's treated, but most vegetables if you are not buying organic are coated in pesticides and can be genetically modified. Same goes for milk, dairy cows are some of the worst for growth hormones, more so than chicken, so that includes cheese, sour cream, and butter.

ILBCNU10 said...

Cool. I was just curious. We do the same with HEB and look for stuff on sale. A couple of weeks ago they had Ahi Tuna for $9.99/LB! You might look for a local seafood shop. They only keep stuff on retail price for a day two max then they mark it down a lot. You can get some great deals on seafood if you will cook it the same day. Fish is so versiitle! Think Forrest Gump....grilled, blackened, baked, poached, fried. Before I was around my parents cleaned a seafood store at night....they ate lobster until they were sick of it.

The eggs are interesting. Last night Z and I were discussing just this and I decided to look up "free range" and "cage free". FDA defines free range as the fact the animal has access to the outside but makes no specific guides as to how they are to access it or the size of outside area they must provide. As for cage free....there is no FDA definitions for what it must be but in most cases it means no cages but still in a roost or building.

I wasn't surprised by either of this but its typical wording which is supposed to make us feel good when purchasing things. I have handled claims at chicken farms on the buildings....not great conditions :(.

Danielle - Bonnie said...

BeachedBlond - As far as hormones being used in chicken farming...there are articles that say it's illegal. The ones that I have seen date back to like 04. So it's hard to know what the actual "truth" is...but then Food Inc came out in 08. A women put her job and her lively hood on the line and told the truth. She then lost her contract with Tyson, which means she lost it all. It may not be used, I don't know for sure. But I saw the way the chickens just laid there in their feces, I saw her walking around picking up the ones that just died for one reason or another. So, if it's the fact that they are now bred to be huge and have organs that don't function, or the fact that they are being fed hormones...I don't know. The issue for me is the fact that I don't want that or need that in my body. It was my eye opener. And from that my whole life has changed and for the better. :)

When it comes to the fruits and veggies, we buy organic when and where we can. We also follow the guidelines of what is best to buy organic and when it doesn't really matter (fruits/veggies that are pealed).

I may eat an egg once or twice a week. Milk - I don't drink it. I prefer almond milk...yum! I do consume dairy. Which equals a bit of cheese here and a bit of sour cream there, along with a Greek Yogurt.

I don't eat perfectly. I love me some Taco Bell! That won't ever change :D But whatever I am doing is really working, so I will stick with it and see where it takes me. :)

ILBCNU10 - Yes, we definitely need to find a local seafood shop!!